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I have decided to try searchin because it seems to be an effective and accurate solution for job hunting. It will save me a lot of time. As I always say: job hunting is a job itself. And searchin can make it easier and more fun. While I'm quite happy with my current position, the fact that this was "passive" and anonymous made me give it a try. One of the things I liked about the mail was that is seemed a tad more personal that the usual mails sent out by recruiters. You have one of the best cold email campaigns I've seen recently, that's why, and a compelling pitch. I am currently looking for the next opportunity. A platform that is discrete and supportive of this search process is very welcome. Thank you for building this. Your talent sourcer looks brilliant! Woo! I was wondering whether it was a robot / algorithm sending the initial message but there is really a person here :-) that's customer excellence in action. You're on a high fast way to turn me (and I trust the other ones who shall find a match) into advocates :-)

How It Works

Join with 1-click
We automatically create your anonymous profile. No forms to fill, no questions to answer. Everything anonymous.
Auto Search & Match
We scan and match hundreds of positions a day to discover the best fit for you. Nothing you should do at this point
Employer interest check
When a high match position is found, we apply your anonymous profile to the company to see they're interested in your professional background.
Be introduced
When a company you were matched to is interested, we approach you with the details asking if you'd like to reveal yourself and get an intro.


Anonymous & Confidential
Your identity is hidden to everyone, which allows us to apply your anonymous profile to potential employers without putting you at any risk. Your current & past employers will never be approached.

Fully Automated & Learning Algorithm
Hands-off, searching-free experience, starting with your anonymous profile created automatically. We then discover, research and match you to new opportunities while checking the interest of potential employers. Our algorithms constantly learns and gets better at discovery and matching as time goes by.

Aimed for Busy Professionals
You will only hear from us next after an employer you were matched to, has shown interest in your anonymous profile. No newsletters. No obsolete communication.

Ongoing & Fast Operation
Even now, while you're reading these lines, our system is working for candidates and employers, discovering new opportunities, conducting matching analysis and opening communication channels with each side. It does so non-stop and faster than any human can.

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