Searchin is your auto talent sourcer
discovering & communicating with your next hires

Searchin cuts talent acquisition time in half by using AI to discover, analyze and
open a communication channel with potential candidates – all within minutes.
We do not use LinkedIn in any way!

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How It Works

Silent Start
We automatically scan & analyze your open positions, search the web for potential candidates and approach them
Deep Matching
We conduct a deep matching analysis based on skills, personality and company culture, between your positions and candidates we discover
Quick Review Process
Within seconds, potential candidates will begin to stack up along with all the details you need to know about them
Be introduced
We approach to candidates you're interested in with the details and reasons for joining and if they're interested, conduct an intro


Auto Position Discovery
We automatically scan and analyze your open positions and build a company profile. No need to post anything. Just keep your career section on your own website updated

Discovers Candidates & Engages
Remember the times when you find someone and want to reach out? Well, we automated the process and are actively making sure that potential candidates we discover are currently considering new opportunities

Full Matching Analysis Report
Every candidate's profile we will show you, comes with a full matching analysis report based on skills, seniority, stability and many other factors - analysis that saves you a lot of time

Click for Introduction
One click on the "Interested" button will lead us to approach the candidate with details about the position and company as well as the reasons to why we think this is a great opportunity for them. Once they're interested back, we conduct an intro

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Candidates Say

I have decided to try searchin because it seems to be an effective and accurate solution for job hunting. It will save me a lot of time. As I always say: job hunting is a job itself. And searchin can make it easier and more fun. While I'm quite happy with my current position, the fact that this was "passive" and anonymous made me give it a try. One of the things I liked about the mail was that is seemed a tad more personal that the usual mails sent out by recruiters. You have one of the best cold email campaigns I've seen recently, that's why, and a compelling pitch. I am currently looking for the next opportunity. A platform that is discrete and supportive of this search process is very welcome. Thank you for building this. Your talent sourcer looks brilliant! Woo! I was wondering whether it was a robot / algorithm sending the initial message but there is really a person here :-) that's customer excellence in action. You're on a high fast way to turn me (and I trust the other ones who shall find a match) into advocates :-)


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