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I’ve spent 2.5 years building Searchin with a vision to create a minimum-involvement-required service for both employers and professionals who are open to new opportunities. As can be seen in the above video, the service was fully-functional and was able to automatically discover, research and communicate with potential candidates all around the world in an astonishing speed (32 sec. on average to discover 15 candidates per position with their full data) and onboard potential candidates in a super low CAC and in a highly-personalized way. While we were working with companies such as Cisco, Taboola, Google and others, unfortunately, I had to shut it down due to financial challenges.
Searchin included a few different products – all of which are fully-automated:
  • Open positions discovery from around the web
  • Open positions analysis and feature extraction
  • Potential candidates discovery
  • Candidates background research
  • Matching analysis between positions and candidates
Interested in some or all the technology mentioned above? You’re welcome to contact me.

Yogev Ben-Tov, Founder | | Linkedin